Wheatgrass comes from wheat grain which is sprouted then placed in soil. The young sprouts are then harvested and pressed. The resulting liquid, called wheatgrass juice, is a natural cocktail of chlorophyll and nutrients with surprising health benefits.

Wheatgrass is one of the most complete foods available in nature. It contains 70% chlorophyll and a concentrate of beneficial substances: vitamines A, B, C and E, 92 of the 118 minerals, 18 amino acids (of which 8 are essential), digestive enzymes as well as proteines. This is why its consumption considerably and lastingly improves the state of health.

Wheatgrass is obtained by pressing fresh wheatgrass. It is then poured into individual one ounce cups, the optimal quantity, and then quickly frozen. Freezing favours its preservation of the nutrients without destroying its numerous antioxydants.

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