History of the farm

Pousse-menu, established in 1988 by Philippe Robillard, is an ambitious project which attempts to introduce products into the organic food market that substantially improve life quality: notably soil-grown sprouts and germinations.

Our innovative urban farm concept permits a daily harvest of fresh produce that is distributed to the metropolitan Montreal area and to the entire province of Quebec.

Commited to bringing to the public a complete range of living foods, Pousse-Menu represents many companies specialized in organic food for which they act as distributor.

Its increasing concern for the environment has also brought Pousse-Menu to the forefront in the development and implementation of vermicomposting systems.

Philippe Robillard

Founder of Pousse-Menu, Philippe has worked since the age of 9 years in the agricultural milieu, for which he has a true passion. Strongly motivated, he worked for over ten years in the production of maple syrup. He has also worked co-operatively in Africa and the Caribbean on agricultural development projects.

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