Fermentation Pots

As we are particularly fond of fermented foods, and after a lengthy search, we've found the ideal fermentation pots, made by a Quebec artisan.

As they are made of porcelain, they are non-porous, watertight, and easy to clean.

The lids are placed in a moat ensuring that no atmospheric contaminants enter.

Plaques to keep your vegetables submerged during fermentation are included with each pot.

They are available in two sizes:

Medium fermentation pot 8L. (8.5 qts) $199

Large fermentation pot 5L. (5.3 qts) $179

Available directly from the farm

by calling 514 486-2345

or by writing to







We encourage our friends and clients to ferment their vegetables when they are available in quantity and at a good price, generally after harvest.

As a result, they benefit from the healthy properties of lacto-fermentation as well as the seasonal freshness of local produce.

For best results, use our
Caldwell Starter.


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