Manna : Entirely made from sprouted grain, without leaven, yeast or salt. Mother Nature at her best.

Pumpernickel : 100% rye, steam cooked with home grown and home made beet syrup. From a recipe originating in Westphalia in Germany.

La Boulangerie Des Rosiers


Movements such as Slofood, from the farm to the table and organic agriculture are trending these days. Up til now, no baker has been able to apply all three of these concepts in an everyday reality.

We are Quebec's only bakery that grows its own wheat on location, mills it into flour and transforms it into breads in the ovens located in the mill.

It is the ultimate in vertical integration and assures the quality of the fabrication process, well beyond our organic certification.




• Caldwell

• Fatou

• Moissonneries du pays

• Mumm's

• Sardo

• Shahinaz



Rugbrod : Everyday Danish rye, barly and spelt bread. Typically eaten as an open sandwich. Entirely made with natural sourdough – no yeast.

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