Caldwell Biofermented Vegetables

Caldwell biofermented vegetables (formerly Bio Lacto) are the result of a natural process of preservation, known for may centuries and called lactic fermentation.

The vegetables used are neither peeled nor pasteurized. Fiber, minerals, vitamins and trace elements which are present in newly harvested vegetables are there, on your plate.

Our fermented vegetables contain digestive enzymes in abundance, lactic bacteria and lactic acid, ingredients for a healthy diet.

• Boulangerie Des Rosiers

• Fatou

• Moissonneries du pays

• Mumm's

• Sardo

• Shahinaz


Caldwell's Starter Culture

Caldwell’s mixed-strain starter culture has been specifically developed to help you make raw cultured vegetables at home.

Our starter delivers the right mix of active bacteria for vegetable fermentation. It helps to produce consistently successful results and enhances taste and crispness year-round.


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