La ferme Pousse-menu

At la ferme Pousse-menu we have kept foremost in our minds the mission to which we committed ourselves since our inception in 1988: to offer an alternative in the health food domain: living food.

The team at la ferme Pousse-menu, ever better qualified and experienced, work seven days per week to assure quality of both product and service to a loyal clientele. La Ferme Pousse-menu, which is certified organic, represents a new concept: the urban farm. This is a food production facility capable of supplying urban areas with high-quality fresh food on a daily basis. Now, in addition to the city, we serve the whole province thanks to a distribution network that includes several partners with whom we maintain a close collaboration.

Our production methods, always improving, allow us to foresee a growth in production that follows the population’s greater knowledge of both nutrition and health. Our efforts at increasing general awareness have met with success: living food is not only the domain of extreme granolas.

La ferme Pousse-menu has many surprises for healthy-food lovers that will not fail to please.

Caldwell Starter Culture

is finally available online

You can now prepare a wide variety of fermented vegetables at home thanks to Caldwell's Starter Culture, developped specifically for vegetables. This starter culture is only available from la ferme Pousse-menu and its participating retailers.

Vous pouvez maintenant faire fermenter une grande variété de légumes grâce au ferment Caldwell. Un ferment développé spécifiquement pour les légumes. Ce ferment est disponible uniquement de la ferme Pousse-menu et ses détaillants.

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